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Originally Posted by sqidd View Post
I would consider a 12 rib!

I just want to be able to drive my damn car today. I am working for the next week+ and I will not even see my car let alone drive it

I just got off the phone with KP (incredible aint it?) and they told be to knock off the two tabs that limit the travel of the tensioner arm. They are saying that the tensioner slamms off of one of the stops and flings the belt off. It makes sense, there were refernce marks on the tabs from "Hard" contact, so I am guessing they are right. I got my BFH and a long shock adjusting drift (suspension guy thing) and whacked those little bastards right off I hope that works for now. I want to run the car tonight down the 1/4 a few times and it would be nice to not chuck belts off of it every five seconds.

I am going to put the biggest rib/belt system on the planet on that thing when I find where to get who had that big rib kit again? Gotta link?

Sounds like a good temporary solution... As for GI Joe, you'd probably need to go over to and pm him.

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