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Mother Nature has a heart! Just finished the component install and all I can say is WOW! What a difference.

I used Metra 82-5601 adapter plates. They have a starter hole for tweeters that you will probably have to enlarge yourself. There are grooves where you can run an exacto knife but it will take an EXTREMELY long time (the plates I received were rather thick, contrary to other reviews). Use a hole saw as close to your tweeter mounting cup size as possible and trim (exacto knife) to fine tune.

***HEADS UP!*** The 2012 mounting brackets have 4 "ears" that the factory speaker sits in. The ears prevent the Metra plate from sitting flush on the factory mount. These have to be cut off or ground down. (Bench grinders are messy but quick)

I mounted the plates with the tweeters at the top as close to ear level as possible. Mounting them in the sail panel (mirror control) is supposed to be better, but my fabrication skills are limited.

The only thing I noticed after the component install is that my rears almost disappeared. So I just faded one notch to the rear. That resulted in the sound being almost surround like. The sound quality is night and day compared to the factory speakers. The highs are crisp and clear, the mids sharp and focused, and the lows are there. Not a lot of bass, but I didn't expect there to be. That's why I'll be adding my BassLink soon.

Ford may have released an amazing car with an amazingly bad sound system, but at least they made it easy to take apart and improve.

FYI: An MP3 or Ipod with an equalizer built in makes a vast improvement by itself.

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