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I can see the aftermarket for the EB being an unexpected pain. Not as much as the 3.7 market has been, which is quite abysmal IMO, but I can easily foresee a lot of snags. I'm not entirely convinced a few "easy" (keyword) mod's are going to do the trick. It depends upon the roadblocks Ford might have intentionally engineered.

Will the car deliver on expectations? I'm sure it will.

Will it be a blast to drive? Sure! Why wouldn't it?

Is it the platform to go with? If big power is your goal, then I'm in the V8 court. The EB 2.3 is too much expense for too little gain compared to the 5.0. Is fuel economy the target? Well, this could prove aces compared to the 3.7. I see the 3.7 being virtually dead in the Mustang arena now.

Me? Comparing apples to oranges, I'd go with the 5.0.
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