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Originally Posted by Kenton199 View Post
Bang for your buck, I'd take the EB every day of the week. Faster than the V6, lighter and more nimble, good gas mileage, and with an $8k difference from the 5.0, it could have more creature comforts, or be modded out to be as fast as the 5.0.
Faster than the 3.7 (11-14) is only assumed at this point. Very little doubt it will be faster than the '15 3.7). As far as I know, no one has seen any actual performance numbers yet. No idea how far Ford has fudged the output to make a sale.

A lot of us thought the 3.7 could be easily modded-out to meet or beat the 5.0. A few have succeeded but at a much greater than expected cost. This might end up being a similiar story with the EB. Difficult to say at this point.

But I whole-heartedly agree with you: 5.0 all the way!

Someone will mod the weedeater to 1,200 HP some day, but it won't be me.
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