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Sub Tube Install

Last night I installed the SubTube BTA6100 in the trunk of my 2014 w/ a Shaker System.

The feed was from the rear deck speakers. Sounded MEH... could barly hear the thing (with the gain full up). This morning I called SAS Audio, and the tech called me right back and informed me that the 4 5x7's are filtered from the low frequencies. I needed to tap into the subwoofer feeds. I called the audio shop where they installed the rears, they had me bring it by and ran 2 leads from the subwoofer side of the amp to the trunk to tie in to the BTA6100.

NOW this works just the way I wanted it too (with the sub tube gain at 1/2 -2/3 up). Bass +2/3 on the headunit at quiet volumes will provide the little kick that was missing, turn the volume up and it provides more bass than the door subs.

So, now I replaced all 4 5x7's with infinity 6832 and added a Bazooka BTA6100 for additional, tighter bass. All in all, these were fairly inexpensive yet very noticeable mods.

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