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Originally Posted by mtwallet View Post
I just replaced the factory speakers and I am now looking to add an Infinity BassLink to my 2012 base system.
Another poster installed a sub using the speaker inputs and found out that the shaker system filters the lows to the speakers and had issues with the lack of bass. He was able to fix his issues but his problem got me thinking:

The base HU really cuts the bass as the volume goes up. So I'm guessing that I will suffer the same issue if I use the speaker level in option. Will an LOC like the LC6i lessen the bass reduction by the HU? I am considering a small 4ch amp as well so the LC6i giving me a third set of RCAs out makes it a front runner.

Any thoughts?
Yup, I'm the 'other poster' (and I used to have a basslink in a different car). On the shaker systems the speakers a filtered (low frequencies are cut off and routed to the sub). In the 'base' system the speakers 'should' all have full range. I would start by attaching the basslink speaker level inputs to the rear speaker terminals, (keep the polarity correct) then adjust the crossover frequency of the basslink, then the gain and the bass boost.

if you are going to amp, then you could use LOC into your amp (many amps have a line out to feed a sub amp. You could then connect the line out of your 4 channel amp to the line in of the basslink.

good luck...

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