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Originally Posted by Born To Run View Post
You must check the tensioner first to see if it is bent,it probably is as when it hits the stop tabs this causes the tensioner arm to bend outwards(towards the rad) look at the belt position on the tensioner,you will find it one or two ribs off the pulley near the back(closest to the engine). Replace tensioner(order 2 keep a new one in the car along with 3 new belts.Now grind off the tabs on the new tensioner with a dremmel tool not a mash hammer & mason chisell.Also check & see if the tensioner is in the middle of its travel distance(probably not).You will need to move or replace a idler pulley to make the travel distance of the tensioner centered.GI Joe's are reichard tensioners,they will not work easily on are KB blowers as we would have to move the PCM.Atom @ ST Motorsports has a Franken tensioner for our set up.Trust me i have gone through 4 tensioners,3 belts,one dent in my hood from the underside of the belt whipping off.Your car is a manual trans correct??The new idler pulley has to be made larger i think,but not sure.
Great, thats exactly what I wanted to hear I will get out in the shop right now and check to see what is going down

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