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Originally Posted by Grom80 View Post
Now you probably have read a gazillion posts about this new 4 cylinder engine...and all the pros and cons as well as the "attitude/principle" bashers or those who are fooled in thinking it is a great way to save cash on gas and still get the hp.

Yes fooled...

Because u keep reading all these articles and all these praises for this new toy pony of an engine, but No one, especially the press, is asking a simple question :

"How long will this engine last ? Will it take the mileage we are used to in American engines ? Or will it fall apart after 30k miles ?"

As an article said..."EcoBoost is just plain better than the 3.7L V6…"...MY ASS. A 4 cylinder is far less balanced as an engine than a V6...anyone in the motor world will tell you that...who cares about the extra 5hp if you are squeezing the hell out of 4 cylinders. Moreover you will be extremely limited on mods...I foresee the classic Euro car issue...after 40k miles the engine is yesterday's garbage! ...and I am someone who owned numerous sports cars back in Europe that were all 4 cylinder supercharged or turbo. The great thing about American cars is their longevity...we'll see about this engine...

I bet my house that is Ford's "secret" intention...steer non GT buyers (who could simply not afford it...) towards a 4 cylinder that lasts 30-40k miles and then they are forced to rebuy...because it boggles my mind to keep reading such garbage articles where supposed "experts" praise this toy pony of an engine without even addressing life-span or longevity or reliability questions...look at all the Euro engines ! THEY DO NOT LAST! When I lived in Europe a car that was 30k miles (especially a sports car...) was OLD and time to change! That is because they could NOT take the mileage !

Any attempt I made to state this point on mustang FB pages (official)...resulted in my posts being deleted and me being blocked. Smells like last week's fish...

A drove my 1987 Thunderbird Turbocoupe with it's 2.3L 4cyl 250K miles without issue, that engine was pushing 21psi of boost at max. I wouldn't worry about the ECOBOOST, especially with direct injection.

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