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Originally Posted by NoVa5.0 View Post
Winter? In southern Georgia?

I drive year 'round on the same tires. You'll be fine if you're not a retard behind the wheel.

Plus, you need to understand that those tires are what makes the Performance Package. It's what makes such cars turn, stop, and grip. Sell them to replace them with un-needed all-season tires, and your performance goes right out the window. It would be rather silly to sell the high-performance tires that come on your car, which contribute massively to it's performance, for a few weeks out of the year that you would have to drive normally.

It's not like the tires stop working when they're cold, they just lose some of their incredible grip when it's cold, so they behave like normal tires on a normal car. Drive like a normal driver for a few weeks out of the year, and you'll be fine. And then you will have the incredible grip and performance the rest of the year.

So you understand what you're buying, the Performance Pack is similar to the Brembo/Track Pack cars. The tires last around 15k-20k miles before they're shot. So, you need to immediately start saving for new tires, if money is a concern.
I'm not plaining on getting all season tires. He just made that suggestion. What I am saying I'm not going to be able to get all season tires because I know summer tires will only last 20k. And Super Sports are not all season tires. They are a better summer tire that is suppose to last longer, from what I have read, but that may not be true. I am just considering selling the stocks as almost brand new tires and get 600-700 dollars for them and help pay for the others. But if you think it's stupid then that's what I need to hear haha.

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