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My biggest issue with this thread is that the OP is exaggerating reliability quite a bit, and then the comments reply with examples of turbo cars with completely different technologies than the ecoboost and with no records of how most of those cars were driven.

Hence, with that aside I Think it's best we focus on what we know. Currently all Ecoboost engines suffer from pre-mature Carbon build up. Don't believe me look at any F-150/Fusion ecoboost forums. We all know the effects of carbon build up and what it will do in the long run so i don't need to explain that. As it stands Ford hasn't done much to solve the problem but most shops will manually clean where ever you may have deposit build ups if you ask. The issue is.. that will not be a problem on either the V6 or V8 models. Hence, the question is will Ford either find a way to rectify the situation or will they leave it. After awhile Shops are going to start charging high dollar for that service and making individuals question whether a few dollars in gas/insurance was worth it.

Both sides make noteworthy points here, but i think there are a few things we are just outright ignoring too.
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