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Originally Posted by NoVa5.0 View Post
Dude....seriously.....they're two completely different cars. A Challenger is a massive 2 door sedan, much larger and heavier than a Mustang. In no way, shape or form are they comparable.

You might as well compare an Odessy and an MX5. They attract different buyers, and are in different product catagories. Challengers are, and always were "muscle cars", and Camaros and Mustang were "pony cars", with the Mustang now moving more towards being a sports coupe.

Mustangs and Challengers were never "locked in comparison". Ever. They're totally different, always have been.
Regardless of "how you feel," they have always been compared by the press and compete for sales among "independent" pony/muscle car buyers.
Originally Posted by G-Mann View Post
I agree but.....

The Mustang, camaro, challenger will forever be locked in comparison unless somebody does something really radical. The S550 does not do anything radical, certainly some of the major updates on the S550 are long overdue and already done by the competition, making it even more comparable.

When Challenger was getting spanked in all performance categories, they tried to cop out and say we really don't compare ourselves to the Mustang but they could not shake the comparison and answered with Hell cat. Admitting they don't stack up in other areas so here is 707 HP and how you like me now. Now they are the buzz.

The GT350 is not going to touch the challenger in a drag race but certainly Ford may have to do something in 2017. What is interesting is what will GM do if Ford decides to answer HellCat?
Originally Posted by NoVa5.0 View Post
No, I meant sedan. There is such a thing as a 2 door sedan. They have real, usable back seats, compared to something like a Mustang, whose rear seats are really storage areas.

But, the point is, that the two cars are very dissimilar.
Originally Posted by PW_Pony View Post
You can call it whatever you want, doesn't make it so. Still a coupe. Charger Hellcat on the other hand is a sedan.
+1 The Challenger is really a coupe. The Charger is a sedan....

"A coupé or coupe (from the French past participle coupé, of the infinitive couper, to cut) is a closed two-door car body style with a permanently attached fixed roof,[1] that is shorter than a sedan of the same model,[2] and it often has seating for two persons or with a tight-spaced rear seat.[3] The precise definition of the term varies between manufacturers and over time.[4] The term was first applied to 19th-century carriages, where the rear-facing seats had been eliminated, or cut out."

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