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Originally Posted by Bobby B View Post
Grom80's gripes have no basis in fact, so they are 100% his personal assumptions.

GM has recently been caught selling its customers vehicles with serious design flaws, and I seriously doubt that the Ford Motor Company would follow GM into the toilet by offering the Eco-Boost engine with a poor engine life.

The Eco-Boost engine has been on the street for a while in various Ford cars, and not once have I read or heard any rumor that the Eco-Boost engine is a failure.
It's too early to say the Eco-boost engine is a failure, but there are numerous threads of the eco-boost engines receiving carbon Build up causing poor idling till warm up or in some cases predetonation. There are even Videos of it on YT. When we start seeing more hit the 150k Mark we should have a better understanding. I still think both sides of this thread are jumping the gun
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