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I'll avoid the confrontation up there and get back on topic, Haha...

Regarding the GT350/R...I really hope the car is as daily drivable, comfortable and potent as the 12-13 Boss 302's were. I'm looking at a next generation beast for my garage and to be giant and pig-like as they are...I'm a big fan of the Challenger/Charger Hellcat's. The Charger more so, for some weird reason. Maybe because it can use the excuse of being fat because it has 4 doors? LOL.

I've always been a fan of Mustang's, obviously...and I won't pull the trigger on anything else until I get to see the new "special" models...especially in person. I was originally waiting for the replacement of the GT500...but this new model, especially with that engine, really gets me going.

I just hope IF there are two different models (base model and the "R" model), that base model still comes with creature comforts and isn't a stripped out racer. The Z/28 is a great track car...but it's too focused and hard core, at least for me.

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