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Originally Posted by 2013 R/Red 5.0 View Post
This is no longer the 80's, so the question of "V8 vs. 4 vs. 6 potential hp" no longer exists.

It all comes down to the exhaust sound. If you want a V8 rumble, get the V8. If not, get the 4 or the 6.
There are tons of factors. Seriously, the only one you think that is worth making a $8,000 decision on is sound?

The V8 will have about 440 hp with a factory warranty, while getting the 4Cyl to even match that will blow that away the moment they start tuning the thing.

In addition to that, even if someone gets the 4cyl to match the v8, they would easily blow through the 8k they "Saved" by getting the 4Cyl.

We shouldn't be comparing MOD-to-MOD because MOST PEOPLE DON'T MOD CARS.

In-fact this thread is even worse, you guys are comparing a modded 4cyl to the stock v8. At least stick apples to apples.

If we want to compare apples to apples, a modded v8 will win every time. Physics basically guarantees that.

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