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Originally Posted by V6 Cannonballer View Post
Is it the platform to go with? If big power is your goal, then I'm in the V8 court. The EB 2.3 is too much expense for too little gain compared to the 5.0.
If big power is your goal, displacement wins out, everything else being equal, all the time. Bu your expense comment is exactly why the turbo makes more sense than a V8. Getting big HP on a coyote is NOT cheap if you're doing it right. 800+ hp is not a bolt on affair--at least if you want to drive it hard beyond a quarter mile rip at a time. The whole engine needs to be rebuilt/beefed up.

Will you get 800 hp on a 2.3Lt? Maybe, but I wouldn't want to own any 800+ hp 4-cyl motor. However, I would bet that 500-550 hp wouldn't be all that hard to get and when you consider the purchase price of the car+mods, it will likely be cheaper than a similarly equipped GT+blower kit. And with the blower kit, you still haven't touched the engine internal which were designed for a NA car. I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be putting a coyote with a bolt-on blower on a road course. The 2.3L is already designed for boost--the question will be how much boost can it handle and how big of a turbo can you get on the car. 10 psi leads to different hp numbers when using different sized turbos, for example.

People have been playing with the 3.5 EB motors for several years and I haven't heard of any issues with them--and they aren't even in any legit performance cars. It would be odd for Ford to cheap out on the EB they put in their only serious performance car.
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