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Originally Posted by konabluev6 View Post
I don´t understand why the V6 numbers were lowered... or were they overestimated in the first place and now they are correcting?

Maybe they lowered the V6 just to make the 4 Cylinder look better.

The reality about Turbocharged cars is that the only way they offer better gas mileage is on Lab tests... in the real world these cars are not as fuel efficient.
I don't think they were overestimated I'd guess it was to put a bigger gap between the ecoboost and the V6. possibly to phase-out the v6 model in the near future? Just a guess though. an extent. "real World" numbers are different because of the unknown variable: people. It all depends on your driving habits. If you drive like a grandma and use cruise control, little turbo'd cars can get very good gas milage! But if you're flooring it at all the stop lights, of course it will be worse. My worry about the ecoboost is not the fuel economy, but the longevity of the motor...

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