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I gotta be honest - for the life of me I can't figure out where all the Fusion comments are coming from. To me, the grille of the 2015 Mustang doesn't look a whole lot different than the 2013/14 which itself is not a radical departure from the Shelby. The 2015 Mustang has more tapered headlights and I see more similarity in those than the grille or the rest of the front end. I'm also (seemingly) in the minority in that I don't think the Fusion is all that great looking of a car. And I'm saying that as someone who really likes a lot of the product Fprd has put out over the last several years whereas before I wouldn't be caught dead in a Ford.

What I see a lot of is a passionate group of auto enthusiasts who are highly opinionated whenever a change is made to an iconic car such as the Mustang. That's to be expected I suppose. But a lot of the comments tend to revolve around people stating their 05-09, 10-12 or 13-14 has the best styling because that's what they drive and they won't (or can't) buy anything else so the latest model gets bashed. At least until it's time for that person to replace their Mustang. Then the new style becomes great again.

When the Fusion came out people were complaining about it stealing cues from Aston Martin.

And if Ford is adding some familiar styles across their line, how is that different from what BMW, Mercedes, Lincoln, Ferrari, or even Aston Martin do? Line any of those manufacturer cars up and stare at the front end of their sedans and coupes and most of the time the average person will not be able to tell one model from another.

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