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Originally Posted by M3hunter View Post
I really don't care about Dodges, it will be interesting to see if the hellcat can put all that HP to the floor. Mustangs are more balanced vehicles than Dodges. Dodge Challenger, Charger, etc, are only good for straight driving, I will worry more for the new Camaro to come.
The only balanced performer car from Dodge is the Viper.
I guess the question is "balanced for what?" I've only done 12 to 15 road track days in the past 2 to 3 years (Kershaw SC, Gateway Motorsports - IL, Autobahn Country Club - IL ), but what I have observed is that the Porches, Corvettes and BMWs, each, outnumber the Mustangs by 8 to 10 times. I think that tells me that people looking for a car to drive on the road tracks look to those cars much more then Mustangs (especially when you consider how many more Mustangs are built then the other three cars). It appears that very few Mustang drivers ever get their car on a road-course. Twisty highways are interesting but not really competitive - including the Tail of The Dragon - which I have driven. I suspect most Mustang drivers - if they really press the pedal - are racing stoplight to stoplight with something next to them. The BOSS 302 was really a nicely designed road track car - the GT, not so much.

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