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Originally Posted by Fatopotomus View Post
You know you guys are all judging the whole generation of Mustang on the appearance of the base mode car right?

Ask yourself, how ugly does a bare bones V6 2014 mustang look in comparison to a track pack GT?

Plus, when the SVT model comes out, the same people holding their noses here will be slobbing some SVT knob.
I don't find that a base V6 is particularly ugly. Yeah I miss the foglights when I look at that wide expanse of an empty grill, and those (comparatively) tiny 17 inch wheels look a little out of place on a Mustang but the car still looks good to me

I don't find the 2015 to be particularly ugly. The problem is, I don't find it to be particularly stunning, either.

And that's the real problem. If I of all people can be so ambivalent about the new design, well, I can understand where all the haters are coming from. I don't agree with them, but I can really see where they are coming from. Ford had the opportunity to knock this one out of the park where we all would have been eating it up and instead they went all corporate on the front end, kept the same basic roofline and profile of my cars, and squished the trunk, leaving me feeling "meh" about the car.

I happen to like the front end of the Ford Fusion, for example. I just happen to really like it on the FUSION, I could have done without it on the Mustang.

Its not ugly and someday before this generation is over I will probably end up with one in my garage. I'm just glad I didn't waste another summer "borrowing" the wife's car for some fun waiting for that to come out.

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