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Originally Posted by lup1024 View Post
Fully agree. I loved my '12 GT and definitely wont be getting rid of my 13 Boss any time soon, but this car will be a huge success IMO....and we have not even considered the performance yet.

The car looks fantastic and this is coming from someone who was less than impressed when I saw it the first time in person. The design is growing on me on a big way, and Ford will continue to tweak it in future refresh's that are sure to follow until they really nail it--just as they did with the 11+. While I can fully appreciate some of the critique on design, I'm having a hard time understanding all of the hate which I'm sure is being driven in part by a segment that cant accept they will be driving a car a generation behind the new model. To those I say get over it---all Stangs (with few exceptions) are lookers

To that end,I will be looking very closely at the GT 350.
How can you be so sure? I ordered my 14 knowing exactly what the 15 was going to look like, and knowing full well that in less than 12 months it would be "obsolete". Granted I'm not one of the "haters", I'm one of the "lukewarmers", but I can fully understand where the haters are coming from. I also know that many who say they don't like the 15 purchased their car after I did (both new and used) so they also had the full benefit of knowledge.

Oh and its not up to you as to what other people need to "get over".

As far as performance goes, I too will be keeping my eye on the GT-350. Maybe the power and handling enhancements will make me feel better about the new car. The hp increase on the GT wasn't enough to overcome the added fatness of the new car. The hp-weight ratio is almost identical to my car using at the crank numbers, and with the added losses that IRS induces into the driveline, well lets just say I can't wait to see baseline dyno sheets of the new car

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