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Originally Posted by Old5Oh View Post

Throw in the extra Coyote power, the revised front suspension and the IRS with the 3 inches of extra track width, and this car can't miss being the best driving Mustang ever. All of you who are clinging to the S197 because you can't stand change are gonna miss out. Big time. Sorry.

As I said, just one opinion. But strongly held.
Lower and wider is often a "winning" combination bit sadly with the '15 it's just not enough to overcome the drastic changes from what was a far better looking car in the '05-'14 body style.

For me I'll be missing NOTHING. Lowering a '14 is easy and the power levels in the current cars are just fine thank you.

When "shopping" my '14 I came really close to buying the slightly better looking Challenger instead. The '14 Mustang had enough performance and value in pricing to tip my hand in it's direction vs the more expensive, heavier and slower Dodge.

If making the choice a year later between a '15 Mustang GT and a '15 Challenger though........I'd have gone the other way. Looks matter and the '15 just falls FLAT ON IT's Face vs the Challenger's really good looks.

Since the re-introduction of the Challenger and Camaro I'd rank 'em on appearance:

1. Challenger

....close behind.....

2. Mustang

......and a distant turd....... 'er I mean third....

3. Camaro.

But now....for 2015?

1. Challenger

......and a pretty distant 2-3 shoot out between two cars that really miss the mark........

Until I see it in person I won't know for sure if Mustang is still number 2 or if it's fallen behind the Camaro. Either way though neither a '15 Mustang or a '15 Camaro are even close to in the same league on body styling as the Challenger.

Funny thing about this......everyone talks about performance between the various models......but that's the part anyone can change and improve.

It's the appearance that you're STUCK WITH.

2014 Mustang GT-Black-Track Package
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