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Just some advice on your goals:
NA 5.0 are at the mercy of the weather much more so than supercharge or turbo -
You can make a run of lets say 12.5 on a day when the humidity is 65% and temp 85 - A front blows thru and the next day you run 12.2 on the same track with the same 60ft== difference DA(density altitude)
Keep a log of all your runs and include 60ft times - track conditions, engine temp and DA and if you can Track Temp -
Than way you can really see what the car is doing and determine what you average times are - If you ever bracket race this is the only way to adjust your times and to make sure you are comparing apples to apples it is also the only way.
By the way much easier to do with a automatic then manual as you take the shift aspect out of the equation that is why most bracket races and dial races are won by automatic
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