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If you have a 'shaker' it will say so above the radio display. For 2013 & 2014 Ford upgraded thier legendary 2$ speaker to a 3$ speaker, in the 'shaker' system. The 3$ speaker that has a psudeo tweeter mounts differently than the base speakers, so if you want to replace these legendary pieces of sonic engineering, you will need to purchase speaker adapters (only if you have a 'shaker' system).

There are several threads that have the part numbers.... and once you have the adapters - replacing the door speakers is easy.

If you do have the shaker, just changing the 5x7's to infinity's will improve the sound greatly, i added a 6.5 inch 100 watt bazooka for a little more low end fill. It won't be heard from 2 blocks away - but it sounds good (imho).

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