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Originally Posted by konabluev6 View Post
I love turbo cars and Ive had several turbo Volvos, my current Volvo is a V60 with a 2.0 4cyl turbo with 240 hp (it has the Ford ecoboost engine)... but for me a Mustang has to have a V8. My Volvo is quite a fast car but the 5.0 makes it feel like a snail. Nothing substitutes the V8 rumble as part of the Mustang owning experience.

And being totally honest.. the "Eco-boost" engine has nothing "eco" about it. My guess is that in real world driving conditions the eco-boost Mustang is going to have worse mpgs than the 3.7 V6.

I agree. Won't know til we drive one, but I'm not expecting a loaves and fishes miracle. The specs are very close to the current V6. Having driven both current engines regularly, I believe there will still be no comparison. Like the V6, love the V8. Both are fun, but one is a blast.

The EB is only rated 2 MPG Hwy higher than the 30 Hwy on the current V6. That means there's still a lot of car to pull around here.

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