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Originally Posted by Radioguy View Post
If you want to see a company follow through on an "iconic theme," take a look at the new Challenger. Even though they changed to "HID" headlights, they used "halo" lights across the grille to maintain the "iconic car look." Very smart...doesn't look like a couple of "dull pencils" in the grille. Thats where my money is going in a month or two - as soon as ordering is open. I love my 2013 Mustang GT vert - almost never drive it with the top down without getting comments from ladies or guys! But it is time for a new car, and after driving the road course tracks for a few years, I'm ready to drive the country - looking at some of the top "road trip scenes." I like the idea of a bigger/more comfortable real "GT cruiser" that holds onto the "iconic look!" May go for the 707 HP Helcat, just haven't decided yet



I'm a Ford and Mustang guy, but the Challenger is the best looking car on the market, bar none, in my book.

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