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My 2013 Boss' 1.5 month long "BBQ Ticking" Story

So my Boss 302 started to making the infamous ticking noise around 8,000 miles. Like everyone else it got louder after a oil change. The Boss 302 requires the 5w50 and I always use the Motorcraft stuff. Well finally around 8,800 miles I've had enough as it was getting louder.

I dropped it off at the dealer 7/17/2014 and the dealer started its battery of tests. They drove it around with microphones, removed the accessory belt, changed out oil pump, the timing chain tensioners, and a few other things (forgot) and nothing worked. They did confirm it was coming from the front of the motor though.

Around late July they had a Ford tech fly in and confirm that we need to take the motor apart. I was not a happy camper but what am I to do at this point.

August they finally get the motor apart and find out the bearings towards the front of the block are not wearing evenly. This is causing crankshaft play (they say) and suspect it's the cause of the ticking sound.

Ford sent the dealer a new Boss 302 block and this last Friday (9/5/2014) I finally picked up the car.

Ticking is completely gone, car is running good so far. I suspect in another 8,000 miles it will come back but I won't concern myself with it and just turn up the radio. This was too much of a headache.

I know I am not very detailed with this, but I wanted to post something up for google searches as I searched for hours one night and always found threads with no conclusion. Just a bunch of dealers saying "sounds normal" or "this is common with the forged Boss 302 motors." Anyway let me know if you have any questions or want the part list that Ford wound up using (outside of a replacement assembled shortblock).

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