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Originally Posted by dastefster View Post
Well that sucks if thats what he's doing, but that doesn't mean every dealership will apply the same strategy. Also, I am A/Z plan, and I know that the dealership basically gets cut a check from corporate as a "bonus" for dealing with someone in "the ford family" now I don't know if that applies to X plan but my dealership loves when I order cars because i'm A/Z.
I did some cursory internet research and it would seem that X plan is worse on the dealer.

Also, it would seem that the dealership makes commission on A/Z which covers the difference of the A/Z loss up to invoice. Which is great if the model is selling for invoice at that time. The 15 is not going to be selling for less than msrp for at least a few months. I'd even bet that those anniversary ones are going to be marked up! I don't blame them one bit for wanting to sell a hundred at MSRP before mine at invoice. Especially since they are only allowed so many allocation requests at one time. Maximize profit. I would.

Also, also, I understand the dealership gets the commission on A/Z, not the salesperson. So unless the salesperson is paid a flat commission on each sale by the dealership I don't blame them for wanting to put a couple extra $k in their pocket on each sale either.

C'est la vie

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