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Originally Posted by dastefster View Post
Yeah, I also understand that. And see their intensions and I'd probably do that too, but my dealer is not only allocating dealer stock cars. They are allocating retail orders as well. And I have the highest possible priority number (for a retail order) so I'm hoping my car gets scheduled soon.
I just noticed you're from TN too! I just moved here on 8/18 and east TN is so "small town" it's ridiculous. Even Knoxville is no bigger than Ann Arbor! Worse yet I actually live in Morristown. I suppose that would have something to do with it. I thought long and hard about ordering one from back home and shipping it here (MI sales tax is 6% instead of 7% and I still have a home there so it could be done), but I'll wait.

And actually I really love it here. It's beautiful, the people are nice, and best of all, it's not Detroit.

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