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Originally Posted by Mattwood440 View Post
I just noticed you're from TN too! I just moved here on 8/18 and east TN is so "small town" it's ridiculous. Even Knoxville is no bigger than Ann Arbor! Worse yet I actually live in Morristown. I suppose that would have something to do with it. I thought long and hard about ordering one from back home and shipping it here (MI sales tax is 6% instead of 7% and I still have a home there so it could be done), but I'll wait.

And actually I really love it here. It's beautiful, the people are nice, and best of all, it's not Detroit.
Haha sales tax here is 9.25%, But I'm pretty sure the sales tax goes off of where you register your plates and stuff. But I could be wrong. I'm the opposite of you, moved here from Miami and can't wait to go back. But anyway, so you have not ordered a 15? Are you planning on just picking one up from the dealership?

2015 mustang GT, Performance Pack, Recaro seats, All-weather floor mats.

Ordered: 5/20/14
VIN received: 10/16/14
ETA: 12/11/14
Delivered: 12/10/14
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