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Ecoboost huge hp loss while not using 93 fuel?

from this review= We Drove The 2015 Ford Mustang: It's Still Best With A V8 And A Stick

"Ford is quick to point out that those power figures are gleaned from running 93 octane, which I don't get out in California (stuck with 91-octane piss fuel), but according to an engineer I was grilling, the Ecoboost can run on 87 octane "all day long", while losing 13 percent of its power, but retaining its peak torque."

thats going from 310hp to 270hp at the crank, with using 87 insted of 93...In cali we only get up to 91 so i wonder what that difference would be. Is this common for ecoboosts? why even give the 87 option?

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