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Originally Posted by Old5Oh View Post

Throw in the extra Coyote power, the revised front suspension and the IRS with the 3 inches of extra track width, and this car can't miss being the best driving Mustang ever. All of you who are clinging to the S197 because you can't stand change are gonna miss out. Big time. Sorry.

As I said, just one opinion. But strongly held.
Looks like it didn't really make it as the "best driving" Mustang......

"Though it managed a higher average g on the figure eight than the Boss 302 -- which we'd still feel confident calling the best Mustang ever -- the 2015 Mustang didn't feel as nimble or competent as the Boss; it didn't feel like the front and rear ends were talking to each other. Turning in off-throttle resulted in moderate push (understeer from the front end), which needed to be corrected with the throttle. This, in turn, caused a bit of slushy oversteer that, while manageable, slowed the GT down a bit. While that's not bad per se, we were expecting a bit more from the new IRS-equipped Mustang. So why isn't the new ponycar faster than the old one, or handle as well given its horsepower and torque bump and new suspension? One word: weight. The new Mustang GT weighs in at 3814 pounds, a 196-pound increase over the last similarly equipped Mustang GT we tested. While that extra weight is unnoticeable on the street, it does rear its ugly head during limit handling and performance driving."

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