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Saw a ’15 up close and personal at Road America during the Vintage races. In my opinion it was underwhelming, I was not impressed. It looks better in photos than it does in person.

It is far too heavy and looks it. Shoot, according to it weighs almost 600 lbs more than my four door family hauler (’13 Mazda 6) and almost 800 lbs more than my ’94 Mustang coupe. Granted neither of these have a V8, but the aluminum V8 doesn’t weigh that much.

Something else that made it look fat, the distance between the outside of the door to the drivers seated position. To me it looks to be a lot of wasted space, even with federal side impact reg’s.

They may grow on me the more times I see them, but I think Ford would have been better served by taking out about 500 lbs and also making it look slimmer and more svelte.

Thank You
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