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I take the opposite side of this; I donít think Ford went far enough. The first Fox was a complete departure from what had come previously, styling and engineering. The SN95 was styling wise from a clean slate, again looking like nothing before. The SN197 was purely retro and it fit the bill the entire run, the final years the best looking of the lot.

With the S550 Ford had the opportunity to again go away from what came before and work with a clean slate. But they decided to try to mix the new with the retro with questionable results. I would have preferred something new and bold, without the corporate front end, leave that to the other guys. And definitely something a little smaller on the outside and at least 500 lbs lighter.

But as so often happens in life, itís a compromise, something for the retro look crowd while trying to lure in the younger buyers. Only time will tell if the new Mustang can pull it off. I donít think it will appeal to either side as well as Ford would like.

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