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Originally Posted by Don's Stang View Post
Ford really screwed up the 50th anniversary, so much so I cancelled the order for my limited edition

WTF Ford
In what way did they screw up? They have been saying "Fall, 2014." That STARTS Monday, and goes until December 20. By that time, Ford will have delivered nearly 25,000 Mustangs including most/all of the LEs.

People's expectations have been ridiculous. The order banks opened on 5/22, sure, but NO ONE said assembly was going to start before September. It started 8/28, and the QC hold is expected to be released this week. Sounds right on schedule.

My order has been in since 7/14. Am I impatient? Oh, yeah. Climbing the wall. But did Ford promise anything different? I don't think so.

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