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Originally Posted by JediDave View Post
Nice 2015 Mustang in my side mirror.....oh, it's a Fusion, my bad!

Well, you ended up being exactly right on this one, I think I am officially the first true victim of making that mistake.

As I was driving into work tonight the Ford dealership is on the left side of the road and I was in the far right hand lane about a full stoplight away when I thought I saw my first 2015 Mustang parked in the "featured spot" on the grass in front of the dealer. I got all excited and made a mental note that I would be by there sometime tomorrow afternoon so I could check it out in person.

As I got closer and passed the pick up in the left lane that was blocking most of my view of the dealership I got a rude awakening as I realized that I was looking right at a Fusion.

That NEVER would have happened with an S197, or an SN95, or a Fox, or a Gen 1 or 2 Mustang. They didn't look like anything else in the dealer line-up at the time. Really the only other Mustang that could had an identity crisis was the Mustang II, which I guess could have been mistaken for a Pinto when viewed from the wrong angle, and that would have been pretty remote.

Still, I can't believe that after looking at all the pictures online that I actually fell for that though, I feel soooooooo stupid right now....

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