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Originally Posted by BOSS MAN 13 View Post
When you have a pump putting out 40 psi of oil in main bearing with a total clearance of .0017 to .0023, (two pieces roughly of human hair) YES,
the crank does "float" on that film of oil.

Pour some on your garage floor, get a running start and you'll float on a film of oil too! The oil literally holds you off the floor for a second or two. A car hydroplanes on a film of water, it is literally lifted off the ground by water. Oil pumped in a confined place does "float" an object, ever hear of hydraulics?
It doesn't exactly float you don't know what your talking about lol. Clearances is controlled leak it's not trapped there like oil is in hyd cyl . Then how does engine that never shut off wear the bearings at 80 psi of oil pressure . But believe what you want but I do this for a living.

FYI human hair measures .002-.003 on avg

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