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It's interesting how condescending Europeans are toward the Mustang, even the Shelby GT500. BBC's Top Gear referred to the pricetag of the GT500 as "cheap". Shelby Mustang GT500 vs public transport part two (Series 19, episode 3) - BBC Top Gear They also talked about how poorly Mustangs handle and that American's aren't used to what Europeans think of as "speed". It will be interesting to see how the new "world" Mustang fares.
I have also noted before about the relative pricing of cars based on a percentage of income. Income in the Midwest is typically lower than that of either coast but the cost of living is lower as well so that evens out somewhat. Except in the case of car prices. From studies I've read, a person with an average salary of $100k on the east coast equates to a salary of roughly $75-$80k in the midwest. A $50k car is 50% of an east coasters salary but around 2/3 of a midwesterner's. It's much easier for a "middle class" worker to afford a $50k car on the coast that it is in the midwest.

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