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Originally Posted by Blazin72 View Post
My number one problem is how options are packaged. It isn't a Mustang or a Ford problem. It's an industry wide problem.
Ford is actually pretty good with this compared to a lot of companies.

The OP's complaint is straight up stupid. Sorry, but it's true. Why doesn't he/she go and build the mustang that he/she desires to see what it actually costs?

I "built" a '15 mustang GT that I would actually buy and it came out to $37k and change. But if I look at the "as-tested" price of the mustang GT that ford is handing out for evaluation, the sticker is closer to $48k!

The price of the new mustang isn't much different from the price of the old mustang in many cases. IMO, the new mustang still offers a great value if you option it out correctly. Of course, if you load it up with a bunch of convenience features so that it's more luxury than performance, well, like any manufacturer, you're going to pay for more for it. What people don't seem to realize is that a base GT (what I'm interested in) is still pretty well equipped.
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