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Originally Posted by FirstFord94 View Post
I think it's only normal that when the latest and greatest performance car comes out, you expect it to leave the old model in the dust. By and large, this is essentially what happened with successive generations of mustang. The problem with the "few minor mods" approach is that you can do the same thing with the previous gen car as well. Which, frankly, I think is awesome. I'm not enamored with the new mustang and it's good to know that at least acceleration wise, it's going to be drivers race. But I can see people who plan on dumping a bunch of cash on the new car to be underwhelmed.

People at ford were also saying that the new mustang would be lighter and smaller than the previous car. Didn't happen. So yeah, I don't really put a lot of credence into manufacturer claims. I'll wait to see the results of more independent organizations before I agree with you.
Don't get me wrong, I owned a 13' and loved it! But it definitely had it's weak areas, which I think Ford did a good job of addressing for the most part. And I understand next gen is expected to be faster than the last. And saying that this gen isn't faster than the last isn't 100% true anyway, depends on if we're talking about in a straight line or on a track/real road situation. You have to remember that when the 2010 came out it was the new body style but still had the 4.6L in wasn't any better than the 09 performance-wise.but I would agree with you, I want to wait until more people test the car before I believe any straight line or track numbers.

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