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Originally Posted by blkandgud View Post
And I just did it for the way the I wanted it on the site, and it came out to be $43K. I like my drives to be comfortable. And 43K isn't affordable to me. The packaging issue really sucks, but that's why I wait to buy used or til the end of the model year.
You must live in canada (where mustangs seem to start at a higher price than in the US) because if I option up an EB mustang 201A coupe, with all the comfort options, including an automatic, but not including the performance options (recaro seats or PP), the car comes out to just over $37k.

Or, you're putting in every single option in a convertible EB. But if comfort is really what you're after, in an EB-equipped mustang coupe, it's still pretty affordable. You can't really compare a modern mustang with, say, a "loaded" fox body mustang from 1993. This car has a lot of technology and it's not cheap. But considering how many people on these forums spent ~$40k on the previous mustang, paying the same (or less) for the new car is pretty good.

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