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Originally Posted by dastefster View Post
Don't get me wrong, I owned a 13' and loved it! But it definitely had it's weak areas, which I think Ford did a good job of addressing for the most part.
From what I've read, I completely agree with you. It's now a fully modern car with a modern ride. If I had my way, I'd find a way to transplant the front and rear suspension from a '15 GT PP car into my '12 GT. That would be perfect---that and adding the recaros and torsen diff! I wish I had waited a year to get a '13 because my only legit complaint would be the ride.

And I understand next gen is expected to be faster than the last. And saying that this gen isn't faster than the last isn't 100% true anyway, depends on if we're talking about in a straight line or on a track/real road situation. You have to remember that when the 2010 came out it was the new body style but still had the 4.6L in wasn't any better than the 09 performance-wise.but I would agree with you, I want to wait until more people test the car before I believe any straight line or track numbers.
I don't agree with your performance conclusions though--at least right now. All of the reviews I've seen of the '15 GT put both acceleration, handling (slalom/lateral acceleration), and braking within a pube hair of the old car. Basically, within the realm of driver error in the real world. I can't wait to read next year's C&D lightning lap issue to see how the new car compares with the last GT and the Boss.

Of course an even better test would be if some publication could get their hands on a '14 GT+PP and a '15 GT+PP to test them in a variety of performance areas. According to MT, Ford seems to have left a lot on the table with the '15 GT when it comes to handling, which is pretty disappointing, IMO. Then again, if you don't track the car, does it really matter?
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