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Long hood, short rear deck and high seating position are it? If you like feeling like you are riding in a pickup truck then be my guest. I've never considered or even desired a high seating position in any car that I've driven. I don't care what it is. As for the other two, then it sounds like the S550 meets your fairly simple criteria.

Actually, I think most people that complain don't respond to my questions is because they don't really have an answer. And that's why I challenge them with it. It's easy to jump on the bandwagon and complain about something (anything, not just the new Mustang) but when confronted with a straightforward question they don't have an answer with any substance.

I live in America ...
The Mustang is made in America ...
My current 13 GT is the 9th Mustang I've owned ...
Good for you. But I don't care about this either.

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