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Ok everyone, chill need to be getting all personal over this.

Blazin72 asked a perfectly valid question when he asks "What exactly is a Mustang supposed to look like?" I'm just not sure he's asking the right one, and I feel that is because the less eloquent among us keep saying that the S550 doesn't "look like a Mustang" as a reason for disliking it.

I believe the question should really be "Just what is a Mustang not supposed to look like?"

Now, I have gone on record as not really feeling the new Mustang yet, but I have yet to see one in person. I really won't be able to say for sure one way or the other until I can see it, touch it, drive it (etc).

The one concern that I have is not so much that "it doesn't look like a Mustang" its more that it looks like the other vehicles in Ford's 2015 line up. The beauty of the Mustang, at least for me, has always been that it separated itself from the rest of the available cars in each years lineup.

I did state in another thread that really the only other era of Mustang that would have had a possible identity crisis was the Mustang II era, as some might have mistaken it for a Pinto if viewed from the wrong angle, and even that would be remote. I guess I should have added that an argument could be made for the 87-93 Mustangs with the aero look up front which was prevalent across the Ford line up (the Taurus comes to mind) but I can't see anyone mistaking a 88 Taurus for an 88 GT.

Now we have the S550 Mustang, and in my zeal to want to see a new one in person I mistook a Fusion for one the other day. Granted, when I made the mistake I could only see about half of the right front wheel forward to the nose, at an angle, from about a block away. When I got closer and my view of the whole car was unobstructed, I ended up doing a facepalm when I realized my mistake.

As for whether one likes the car or not, well everyone is entitled to post their opinion either way. Some love it, some hate it, and some just aren't sure what to make of it just yet.

I only need to back 2 years on the 2011+ Talk forum and see just how many people howled with displeasure about the 2013 refresh.

I only need to back a couple of years before that to see how many people though that the 2010 refresh was "downright ugly".

Funny how it all works out, but this forum is absolutely flooded with pictures of members later year S197's of all flavors. I have a feeling, in the end, that we'll have the same situation with the s550's, too.

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