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Originally Posted by slorydn1 View Post
Blazin72 asked a perfectly valid question when he asks "What exactly is a Mustang supposed to look like?" I'm just not sure he's asking the right one, and I feel that is because the less eloquent among us keep saying that the S550 doesn't "look like a Mustang" as a reason for disliking it.
I believe the question should really be "Just what is a Mustang not supposed to look like?"
It's meant as a rhetorical question.

The reason why I continue to ask that question the way that I do is exactly because of the people that come back and say that "This part looks like this car and that part looks like that car" It's obvious that plenty of people have an idea of what it shouldn't look like. So... what should it look like then? Very few people seem to have an answer.
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