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Originally Posted by BOSS MAN 13 View Post
Depends on nationality...................

Yes, pressure lubrication is a controlled leak, what regulates that film of oil to float the crank is bearing clearance, two much clearance and you can't regulate that film, you are then metal on metal and you see scuffing. The crank in the picture shows signs of scuffing. How do you know that I don't do this for a living too...............................?

It's not scuffing it's smooth not rough.... PLUS theres no pic of the crank journal. If you want pics of scuffed bearing looks like I have some at work.

The way you saying it engine should nothing wear out everything rides of cushion of oil. So why are we taking engines off line after certain number of hrs that are never shut off. (note the have 2 oil systems so oil change engine doesn't have to be shut down) showing wear from bearings, liners, gear and valve train even oil pump gears

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