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It had to gain some weight with the independent rear; there's just no other way unless they drove the cost way up with more lightweight materials. I feel it's a small price to pay.

The other day my wife took her X3 in to the dealer for a service, and they lent us a 328i sedan for a few days while they ordered a part. I must say, it is a complete revelation as far as handling goes compared to my 2013 5.0, which as far as I was concerned was already a good-handling car. I found myself falling in love with a car that had just over half the hp of my 5.0. From what I understand, Ford looked to some of the European marques as a benchmark for the Mustang's handling. I feel like if it comes with a slight weight penalty, so be it. But it will be nice if once we're in a few years they bump the power up closer to 500 . . . that'll git'er done!

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