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Originally Posted by 14MustangV6 View Post
What if the Fusion didn't exist in its current form? The only reason I ask this is because I'm curious if people have an issue with the design itself, or simply the fact that the front end shares some similarities with the Fusion.
I still would think the front end is kind of ugly, the side is fine, the back is great besides the ugly valance. The front doesn't look just like a fusion it pertrudes just like a benz, reminds me of a Mazda/Mitsubishi a bit too....when you see a s197 what do you see? I've never seen another car and thought oh that's a mustang! Oh wait it's not...

The front from some angles does look good, but I mean you see it from all angles especially if you buy it. I think they pulled a Microsoft. People who want a pony car go get a used 11-14, those who want a sporty car here's the s550. They are clearly aiming at other markets, that's why people with pony/muscle cars ghave disdain. This design (front of the car) isn't aimed at us

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