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Originally Posted by Pete Grimaldi View Post
I haven't posted much lately, but here are my thoughts. I've owned eight Mustangs over the past 25 years or so. When Ford went to the Aero look in 1987, Mustang owners were beside themselves. Then the performance at the time overtook the look and things were good again. When that platform was dumped for the next generation Mustang the thought was that these cars did not look like Mustsngs. The Retro look in 2005 was not a big hit with some either.

I owned a 1973 Challenger also. The new ones are a faint resemblance to the originals. The Hell Cat might be a good car (maybe) but it cost more than my GT 500 and slower except the quarter mile.

The Corvete guys aren't exactly excited with the look of the new Vette either. The rear does not look like the previous Corvettes with the new light configuration. The Ferrari lights that GM used on the Corvettes and The 70-73 Camaros are gone.

The bottom line is that all manufacturers have changed things. Some like it, and some don't. You can't argue with the performance and safety on most of the new cars along with exceptional fuel mileage on high horsepower cars. What's not to like?

The question to ask yourself is this: is it important to have a pretty car, a great performance car or both. Three different types of cars with different price tags, as well as different targeted buyers.

I know you are saying what you believe, but the sales numbers really don't tell that story since the Camaro and Charger were reintroduced. Camaro and Challenger have gone from 0% of the "Pony Car" market in 2007 to 65% in 2013. In that time the Mustang sales have dropped significantly. I have had three mustangs recently, but I think I will be in a 2015 Challenger in a few months (It actually looks a lot like the 1971 Challenger). I want a car that looks great, has great performance, a top notch interior, great electronics and at a fair price. The Camaro, Challenger and Mustang compete for buyers, like me, in the Pony Car market - among other groups. I hope the Mustang sells well - making more competition in the Pony Car market, but on looks - interior - performance and relative price the other two candidates have really passed up the 2015 Mustang....from my perspective

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