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Originally Posted by Blazin72 View Post
Long hood, short rear deck and high seating position are it? If you like feeling like you are riding in a pickup truck then be my guest. I've never considered or even desired a high seating position in any car that I've driven ...
If you don't like those 3 criteria then perhaps you shouldn't be driving Mustangs, because that's exactly what it's been. The new Stang officially lost 1" of headroom, and extra headroom is what I like and extra headroom is what I want.

I've shied away from Camaros exactly because I do not like the sit low/slung back seating position, and Ford accommodated with the Mustang.

Actually, I think most people that complain don't respond to my questions is because they don't really have an answer.
Mine was short, curt, accurate, and historically correct.

Have a nice day.

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