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Originally Posted by 2013 R/Red 5.0 View Post
If you don't like those 3 criteria then perhaps you shouldn't be driving Mustangs, because that's exactly what it's been. The new Stang officially lost 1" of headroom, and extra headroom is what I like and extra headroom is what I want.
I've shied away from Camaros exactly because I do not like the sit low/slung back seating position, and Ford accommodated with the Mustang.
What you're saying is that it's your opinion against mine? Which is the same thing that's gone round and round since this thread has started.

So... Should the Mustang look like what I think it should look like or should it look like what you think it should look like?

In fact, it seems to me that our only disagreement was in seating position. And I still think it sounds like you should be driving a truck because I'm not sure how somebody who wants a high seating position AND extra headroom could ever be happy in a car of just about any kind. Well, maybe a minivan...

Originally Posted by 2013 R/Red 5.0 View Post

Mine was short, curt, accurate, and historically correct.
And vague. Which is part of my point. What a Mustang should look like is open to interpretation.

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